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EZ Raider Benefit


Nothing else like it! The offroad tourism, travel and rental marketplace is saturated with ATVs. Offer your customers a new riding experience they will talk about afterwards on social media

EZ Raider Benefit

Long Range

At 25-50 miles per charge, you do not have to worry about running out of juice midride. At the end of the day, plug in to any standard electric socket and within 3 hours your EZRaider is ready to go again

EZ Raider Benefit


No combustion, no emission, eco-friendly, clean rechargeable power! Silent and powerful makes the EZRaider a perfect solution for locations with wildlife, noise ordinance or residential areas

EZ Raider Benefit

Low maintenance

An electric vehicle with self-contained systems also means little to no maintenance required. Low cost maintenance is a CLEAR differentiation from the usual fuel-powered ATV solutions

EZ Raider Benefit

Quick return on investment

At $70 per 1 hour rental, running 5 tours per day, your company will make back the cost of the EZRaider in just under 2 months. With no further costs, no need for fuel and hardly any maintenance, its all profit from then on.

EZ RAIDER VS TRADITIONAL ATV - 3 year cost comparison

Massive 2 Brush-less Hub-Engines with a total output of up-to 9,000W.

Dedicated Superior Quality Sine-wave Controller for EACH Engine, offering massive over protection for controller, motor and battery.

Hydraulic Brake Discs on EACH Wheel. Energy regenerative breaks, Front & Back Hand-breaks, Dual Piston Calipers for precision breaking and safety.

Huge high quality Lithium-Ion 60V – 1740 W/h battery with advanced Battery Management System (BMS).

Extremely low susceptibility to mechanical wear. Built to the highest quality and specs to optimize your cost of ownership.

6 axes, patented and unique 360 degrees Floating Long Travel Suspension (F/R 50 cm / 19.6″)

The lightweight chassis to power ratio, strengthened steel, and extremely rigid tubular structure enable superior handling, reliability, and agility.

Up to 31 miles on a single charge.